Synthetic landscapes

Yang Yongliang

Representation and meaning are still congenial to most Chinese art.

Yang Yongliang. Cigarette Ash Landscape (2007)


Yang Yongliang was born in Jiading Old Town, Shanghai in 1980, and studied traditional Chinese painting since childhood. In the early 2000s, he graduated from the Shanghai Design Branch of the China Academy of Art, and since then he has been engaged in multimedia art creation. Currently working and living in New York and Shanghai.

Yang Yongliang’s works capture countless urban images, digitally synthesizing, reconstructing, and innovating Chinese landscapes. From a distance, it looks like a huge volume of vivid landscapes, but from a close-up, it seems to be the epitome of the development of modern civilization.


Yang Yongliang. Sitting Alone by a Stream, 2019
200 x 140 cm



Yang Yongliang. Eternal Landscape (2017)

Eternal Landscape (2017) is Yang Yongliang’s very first work based on Virtual Reality. It is an immersive Chinese landscape that allows the audience to walk in wearing VR goggles, or to view in an immersive, multi-channel video projection.



Yang Yongliang. Artificial Wonderland (2010-)

Artificial Wonderland is a series that started in 2010. Yang Yongliang uses images of architecture as brushstrokes; heavy mountain rocks with enriched details draw a faithful reference to Song Dynasty landscape painting. Urban development makes life in the city flourish, but it also imprisons these lives; centuries-old cultural tradition in China is profound, but it has also remained stagnant. Ancient Chinese people painted landscapes to praise the greatness of nature; Yang’s works, on the other hand, lead toward a critical re-thinking of contemporary reality.



Yang Yongliang. Travellers among Mountains and Streams (2014)

Artificial Wonderland II – Travelers among Mountains and Streams

In Artificial Wonderland II (2014), there are digital replicas of two Song Dynasty master paintings, namely Travelers Among Mountains and Steams (Fan Kuan) and Wintery Forest in the Snow (anonymous). Whereas ancient landscapes are often seen as being without time, Yang’s interpretation of the latter work is a nocturnal image, titled Wintery Forest in the Night. The 2014 series marks a step forward in terms of digital technique–the piece is larger than ever and enriched with tremendous detail images.



Cigarette Ash Landscape



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