Freaks of Nature

Freaks of Nature by Feral
Theatre photo: Mark Candlin

These troubling hybrids

“Freaks of Nature is what we are, Genetically modified by our dear departed Papa…”

Be amazed and bewildered by the weird and wonderful results of one man’s lifetime obsession – creating the perfect Showbird. These troubling hybrids are showgirls of a bygone era crossed with extinct birds from around the world. The Frankensteinish father of these bizarre creatures is now long gone but his extraordinary family lives on, locked into a life on the road, wedded to the unending show. Freaks of Nature is Feral Theatre’s new walkabout clown show. It asks challenging questions about gender stereotypes and assumptions; genetically modified organisms; spectacle and complicity.


“Some of my parts are a woman’s parts. Some of my parts are a bird’s parts…”


New film coming soon, and street tour in 2016

Freaks of Nature. Circus-inspired clown street theatre show about extinction and rarity value. Development has included a durational performance at Onca Centre for Arts and Ecology, performing in the woods at Carrying the Fire 2014, and a devising residency in March 2014 at Jacksons Lane as part of Transmit. Directed by Marisa Carnesky. New film coming soon; we plan to tour the work as street theatre piece in 2016.



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